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Dominican hotel chain HODELPA, Hoteles del Pais, S. A., was founded in 1990 by investors with ties to the construction and tourism sectors.

The company was founded based on a decision made by a group of young entrepreneurs to reflect high standards of quality and maximum profitability in the most demanding tourism areas of the country.

HODELPA'S dual role as owner and operator provides us with a unique opportunity to see and meet the needs of those who have entrusted their financial investments to us. Thus, we set the maintenance and improvement of our hotels as our priority. By offering impeccable services, we hope to ensure a high level of repeat business as well as increased profitability.

HODELPA'S MOST VALUABLE ASSET IS ITS PERSONNEL. We conduct ongoing training for our staff throughout their employment, not only in their area of responsibility, but in all the areas directly or indirectly affecting their performance. The end result is a competent and well organized team.